Understanding The Leo Woman

Understanding The Feminine Energy of The Leo Woman | Total Solar Eclipse of The Sun, New Moon in Leo, August 21st, 2017


In light after the New Moon in Leo on July 23rd, 2017 and before the Total Solar Eclipse of the Sun in Leo on August 21st, 2017 we are all shaking our heads here. If your astrological sun sign is in Leo, you may be feeling the earth shake beneath your feet at the moment. Something big is happening, you may know this already or things may still be in the works behind the scenes for you.

Things are changing, what that means for you in particular will depend on what your own inner truth has the answer for.

Eclipses are about change and removal, there could be some pain involved as you may not have been prepared for this to happen. A new realization will occur as we are not allowed to see ourselves or our environment the same way that we did before. This has been building up since the Lunar Eclipse in Leo on February 10th, 2017.

The Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017 will be a potent energy felt by all sun signs. How it relates to you personally will depend on a lot of different factors in your chart and for that, I’d recommend you to seek out a professional astrologer that will take a very precise look at your birth chart.

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Understanding how this Leo energy works means understanding the sun sign of Leo. While there are many other aspects at play here that may be felt more deeply, we will all be blessed with that Leo energy. Is it a blessing or a curse? You decide. Today we talk about the Leo woman.

A Leo woman is warm and loving, her eyes are windows to her beautiful soul and through those eyes, if you look closely you will feel the warmth inside of her. Leo women are full of energy and it is only when they understand just how very powerful they really are, these beautiful felines use their body as a conduit of healing for the greater good of all.

A Leo woman wants to see you succeed. She believes that when your light shines, it makes her brighter too. She wants you to take what you learn from being in her presence and allow it to transform your life into the best version of yourself. An evolved Leo woman will set you free, but only after she has done everything she possibly can to love you and show you the way. She is loyal and she is fierce.

Foolish are those that trifle with her tribe, as she will protect them as the lioness protects her cubs. If you want to see her inner warrior come out, you will find it if you cross the line with all that is close to her beating heart.

She loves her family, whatever she has decided that this group is made up with – she believes in kindred spirits. She has a deep connection with those she has found worthy of her generous nature and finds it hard to let go. There is only one rule to this. Betray her, and she will leave your life forever.

Once a Leo woman has decided that she can no longer trust you, you will be sorry because she has also decided that you will not exist in her future. She respects you and expects the same in return. A Leo woman places a higher emphasis on respect in her relationships more than any other quality. She is as loyal as they come and there are few that can match her loyalty. She forgives but she does not forget, as her memory mimics the furry feline. She recalls every right doing and wrong doing, and if you are on the better side of that she will dress you up with flowers, always reminding you how special you are to her. Being flaky is not her style, if she loves you – you will know it.

If she loved you once, she will love you forever – no matter the harm you have imposed on her. She knows that she must break ties with the past and lick her wounds after having her heart broken. She will turn her back, only looking forward and she’ll leave the memories of you right where they belong. In her heart.

The astrological sun sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Heart. She can see your suffering and part of her growing process is learning how to say no and pull that energy back into her. She is a natural giver, which has led her to be taken advantage of at times. She will give the shirt of her back to anyone in need and is very generous with her time.

She has a special place in her heart for the less fortunate and despises all the suffering in the world. Leo’s want to help and heal – we don’t give up easily. We can be naïve but only because we expect others to operate from our same moral and ethical standards. We expect that because it is not easy for us to picture humanity otherwise. It hurts our heart too much.

A Leo woman is ambitious, always looking for ways to improve her life and make herself a better person. If you are one of the lucky ones, she will do her best to raise you up, show you your strengths and encourage you to chase after your dreams. And this is why you will always remember her. She may show up in your life to show you who you are but she may not be there to stay. You see, the Leo woman has work to do and it does not stop after you. She will touch your heart and your life, but she will have a strong pull towards that calling for others.

She does this not to hurt you, but because she has realized her work is done. She will leave you with the memory of her close to you until you meet again. She needs to do this to learn more about herself and keep growing, while she sheds light onto others. Yes, the journey with a Leo woman is not for the faint heart. If you are someone who cherishes a Leo woman, know that once she has moved to the next level of self-realization, she will come back like the playful lioness that she is, chatting your ear up about all she has learned. Things will pick up right where they left off and you will feel as though a day didn’t pass without her.

She will show you pictures of all the places she has traveled and share her experiences with you. She does this so you can learn from it to. She will then apply her worldly experience while roaming solo or with her pride directly to her life and she will see the world with new eyes. As the years go by you will know this about her and you will feel her presence just before she returns.

A Leo woman will fail many times in her life, but few may really see this. She doesn’t allow people to see through her lens so easily. You may find her talking about her experiences often, she truly believes that she is helping you by doing so. She believes everyone is her teacher, so she assumes that others pick up on that about her and apply it to their lives as well.

Her pride is as big as it comes, when she fails hard at life she will go into a deep contemplation. If you are not one of the chosen ones, she may tell you all is great and change the subject quickly when you ring her for a chat.

The people who know her see a very different story.

She will try and try again to achieve her goals, she wants to leave the world a better place before she transitions into the heavens.

When failure knocks at her door, you will see her in complete silence. The few she keeps close to her will know that she is curled up in a ball, weeping her life away and that beautiful mane of hers will be a knotted mess and she will have not applied her face cream for days.

For a Leo woman to not exuberate positive vibes out into the world is comparable to death for her. She would rather be alone than anyone to think of her as being in a dark place. If she calls you in tears, know that this is her last resort, and most importantly, you are someone that she trusts. A Leo woman is very strong and her pride very rarely allows her to show her pain to anyone.

You will show up to her home one day, only to find that her life is in shambles and she hasn’t left her house for days. She likes order and cleanliness, but on this day, you will see her in a completely different form. Dishes will be piled in the sink and empty ice cream boxes laying around. Her laundry will be scattered throughout the house and bills stacked up unopened for weeks.

A Leo woman will fail many times but when she gets back up she will have learned the lesson and go charging after her next project in full force.

She will hide in her cave until she has decided she has had enough and the skies will move out of her way the day she chooses to roar again. Being vulnerable is not the Leo woman’s best friend, she believes that this is when others decide to hurt her the most. She knows there are others waiting to take her off her throne, they wait for her to fall with hopes that they can surpass her. There are few that she can really trust as she has been taken advantage of and slighted too many times. She sees the world a beautiful place, but has met with the face of evil well enough to know that she must protect herself.

Your life will be in a total mess and she will talk to you for hours and days until you sort a problem out. But she has learned that few will return that favor and since she truly believes that she was placed on this earth to be a force of light to all that cross her path, she will refrain from ever needing anyone.

The Sun in Leo is a sign of strength and it is hard for her to admit she has been defeated. Just the thought of letting her pride allow her to admit this out loud sends her into complete shock, silencing her words before anyone will ever hear them.

There is a bright side to all of this as before you know there was ever a problem, she will be off on her next adventure, hair blowing in the wind as she gladly leaves behind what no longer serves her. Once she has decided that her career is turning her soul into a dried up well, she will pack her desk up and look at the sunset through her rearview mirror as she drives closer to whatever speaks to her heart.

A Leo woman has many desired qualities, those in positions of power want her to work for them. It is this very same energy that she finds people are offended of. She is powerful and not many can stand that close to the fire energy she exudes. She is unique. The moment she realizes that you have mistaken her kindness for weakness, you will wonder why the place looks so dark after she has abruptly made her exit.

She lights up the room with her magnetic personality and she can see a liar from a mile away. Her eyes are intense and if you think that you are fooling her, you must know that you are very transparent and she can read between the lines like no other. Her mind is sharp.

She is stubborn. This is one of her best qualities and her biggest downfall. Once she has made a decision, believe that she has thought about it from every angle possible. If she was on the receiving end of deceit, betrayal or undermining behavior towards her, she will gracefully remove herself from your story. If you left her when she needed you the most, she may forgive you and allow you back into her life, but she will never truly respect you. Because of this, you will not likely find her giving second chances.

When the Leo woman is still finding her way through life she will make some of these same mistakes. Therefor she will be understanding of human nature and if there is anyone who has an immense amount of compassion it is her.

There is no better friend or lover to have than a Leo woman if all you’ve ever dreamed of is someone believing in you. If you find yourself lost on your path she will wake up early in the morning with you, iron your cloths and set up meetings between you and her network. She will show you that you are powerful and strong, you will realize your talents with a Leo woman’s presence. She knows a star when she sees one so if she believes in you, she has realized it is worth her energy to convince you to believe in yourself.

She knows her power and inner strength, she will not go backwards. She will travel along the less taken path, she is a leader. You may think that she is materialistic but she just likes to take care of what she cherishes. She is grateful for all that she has acquired and while she likes to hit the town and socialize with others, you will find her just as happy sitting in her favorite chair, curled up with a book. She likes to learn, she is curious and will find herself good at almost anything. It takes some time in her life for her to realize that just because she is good at something that does not mean that it is good for her.

You will want her in your corner should you have to choose a leader. She will gladly take on the role for this is what she is best suited for. She has strong beliefs and will defend you if she truly believes that your cause is for the greater good.

Just as easy she knows when to call a spade a spade. So, if you think that Rolex will impress her, she is not the type to be amused by shabby impersonators. Above all else she is attracted to your mind; material things mean very little to her. She has failed so many times that she knows it is a smoke screen and you can have it all and lose it by the next lunar cycle.

She is very misunderstood by others when it comes to this understanding, she does not seek material pleasures to make her happy, rather she enjoys being surrounded by all that reflects beauty. She has an inner artist inside of her and you will see this in her personal fashion and interior decorating. She likes comfort and warmth. She is dramatic.

She has fallen victim in the eyes of jealously and envy but this is very hard for her to understand. A Leo woman wants the best for you, even if you are considered her enemy. When someone close to her succeeds it makes her proud and you will find her phoning everyone to tell them about it. She is a true believer that if you have called her a friend, then somehow, she has encouraged you to seek out everything your heart desires.

She wants you to attract abundance into your life and she has no reasoning for this other than to see you doing what you came here for. Watching you shine makes her happy and she will encourage you to make the most of your time while you are here. She knows she has her downfalls but at the core of her being she is behind the scenes praying for you.

She realizes that we all have room to shine and she has a way of seeing right through to your authentic self. If you have done something meaningful for her she will guide all those your way to seek out the same experience. She keeps a rolodex in her mind of experiences that have touched her heart and soul along her journey. If your name is on that list you will be in her life forever.

The Leo woman strives to meet people who resonate from their heart like she does. The eclipse on August 21st is about to teach us what doesn’t belong there anymore. If you have any self-limiting beliefs, that false structure has been working its way to destruction since the lunar eclipse in Leo on February 10th.

If you have been thinking about making a drastic change but have not taken the steps to lead you towards the path you know is meant for you, this Leo energy is about to rock your world. Leo doesn’t really take that kind of nonsense and this energy will show you what you should be doing and whom you should be doing it with.

If you have been phony, fabricated your life with lies – by not being honest with yourself or others, you may find yourself being caught out and unable to continue this façade any longer. In turn, if you have been the one to receive this treatment, a light will shine down on that circus and light it up in the sky bright enough for alarm bells to go off in every part of your being and you will jet set up out of there.

You will feel this energy for the next 6 months and Leo’s especially may feel this well into 2018. Another important aspect to consider is that Saturn has been in retrograde since April 6th and will station direct on August 25th. Saturn, the lord of karma has been teaching you lessons since the early part of this year. It is up to you to use that to transform your life. You are being blessed with all the wonderful gifts that the Leo energy could bestow upon you, if you have been good, take a deep breath as your reward is being wrapped up with bows and about to be delivered on your doorstep.

The New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st carries with it a profound energy of change, you may move, lose your job, get a promotion, find yourself ill, recover from an illness, experience loss or gain in any area of your life. One thing is for certain though, things are about to change.

We have not felt this energy moving over the entire United States since 1918.

You could receive unknown blessings for all your good deeds but the most important thing to remember is wherever this path takes you, it is a path you have chosen for yourself. The less resistance you have towards accessing the better part of your being will make this transition much easier for you. If an area of your life is being taken from you trust that it will be replaced with something much more suitable for the journey that is designed just for you.

Some of us find comfort in change, for others we find ourselves shaken up by it. The lesson here is for all of us to learn what this means without the distraction of someone else’s opinion of you.

It may be just as simple as removing a few things from our diet and beginning a more disciplined work out regimen that we have been thinking about for months but haven’t gotten around to.

Your doctor may have told you to exercise more and you have ignored that message causing a downturn in your health, forcing you to get out of your own way and live a healthier lifestyle.

For others, this energy may be felt much deeper and have a truly profound impact on our lives that changes our direction completely.

Whatever this point in time means for you, remember to be gentle with yourself because this too shall pass. There is light at the end of the tunnel and wherever this is taking you, if you do not resist, you will find yourself with an inner peace that is indescribable. By the time this process is over your faith will be restored and you will know that whatever you were going through was preparing you for this very experience. The dark night of the soul is our best teacher.

Happy Birthday Leo’s