My First Experience With Reiki


 My first experience with Reiki, I remember that day like it was yesterday, it was in 2001, I was 19 years young. There was a lot going on in me during that time. I had been introduced to reiki by my beloved Aunt who spent one year studying to become a reiki master practitioner. She was so excited to share her practice and invited me to her home for my first reiki session. The smell of the room was unfamiliar to me on that day, however, as soon as I had my first whiff of white sage afterwards, I identified with it quickly.

I hopped up on her massage table and she covered me with an Aztec blanket. The aroma of lavender oil, soaked in my temples – swallowed me whole in a sea of calmness. The sounds of an Indian flute sent a sound vibration through the room that provoked a response to the core of my being. As I traveled far away somewhere in total bliss, I began to visualize scenes from a story line I have yet to recall.

I felt her hands above me, beside me, below me. At times, I thought that she was at my feet when she was standing behind me. The heat of energy that came from her hands, sent a shiver up my spine and flash of white light all around me. I was swept away into a deep meditative state for an hour, contemplating between nothingness and oneness.

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When I heard the Tibetan singing bowl ring, I realized my session was over. I opened my eyes and felt the back of my head soaked from tears that had been shedding unknowingly.  She asked me to get up slowly when I was ready and greeted me with a full glass of water. I couldn’t put my experience into words to her that day, though there was a knowing that existed between her and I, without having the need to be described.

       “Something happened to me on that table that would change my life forever.”

The reiki session provided a sense of inner peace and healing that was so addictive- I set out to find ways to keep that moment forever. I remember driving home that day, along the lake, a road I had traveled often, but not recent before that day. The sun was setting so I pulled over at the lake and parked my car.  I sat in deep thought, with a smile as wide as the sun, watching pink skies turn into darkness.

This became a ritual following the sessions with her thereafter. It was my little secret, my time for peace, a moment where everything came together and finally made sense. I could not recall feeling as good as I did that day. There was a space created where no grief, guilt, sadness or self-defeating thoughts could survive. There was no pain. I felt empowered, calm and had the strength to overcome any emotional discomfort in that moment, which stayed with me for some time.

The journey after that day for me was finding a way to keep reinventing that feeling. On my way, for years – I went on a search to remain that centered. While sometimes, it would find me in one moment, it was also likely to be lost in the same. I went through many different avenues to maintain that life force energy.

Reiki is a beautiful gift you can reward yourself with that will assist in healing broken hearts, painful memories, dis-ease, trauma, chakra imbalances and guide you on your way back home to the true essence of your being. Reiki will invite you to return to that part of you that knows your purpose and understands how to heal itself.

I am forever grateful for that day. That experience planted a seed within me which guided me to becoming a Reiki Master Practitioner, 16 years later. My heart is filled with so much love and I cannot wait to share this practice with the world. There is a great need to heal the suffering of the physical and subtle bodies. Reiki can do that.